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String Academy of Wyoming

Sherry Sinift, Director
P.O. Box 1573
Laramie, WY 82073
phone: 307-766-5243

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By creating a parent/guardian account with the String Academy of Wyoming, you will gain access to the tuition payment system, allowing you to register your students, make secure online tuition payments, and view your payment history.

How to Create an Account

  1. Complete the "Create an Account" form and press "Register" when finished, being sure to fill in all of the fields with the most accurate information available.
  2. Assuming the form had no errors, you should receive an email at the address you used for registration fairly soon entitled "You need to activate your account."
  3. In this message, a link will be provided that you must click in order to fully activate your account.

    WARNING: The activation e-mail may be falsely detected as spam by your e-mail provider, so be sure to keep an eye on your spam/junk folder, particularly if you do not receive the e-mail within 5 to 10 minutes.

How to Set Up Online Payments

To pay your child's tuition online, you must first register your child and then wait for authorization from a site administrator:

  1. To register your child, click "Register Your Child" in the "My Account" page and complete the form that pops up, pressing "Save" when done.
  2. After your child has been successfully registered, a site administrator must authorize their registration and you will be notified of this via e-mail.
  3. If the email you receive from the administrator indicates the authorization was successful, you may now make online tuition payments in the "My Account" page.



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